Our Hospital

Our hospital:

Founded in the mid-19th century, Tracadie Hospital was the first French-language hospital in the Maritimes.

Initially, the hospital treated lepers, which are part of Tracadie’s history.

The hospital, which was relocated to a modern building that opened in 1991, has 59 beds, about 400 employees and a medical team of 20 doctors.

The hospital admits nearly 2,000 patients per year. More than 23,000 visits are made to the emergency department annually.

The hospital offers:

  • emergency services 24/7;
  • general medical services;
  • concentrated, palliative and dialysis care;
  • diagnostic and therapeutic services;
  • outpatient care and many specialized services

Visit Vitalite Health Network for more details: www.vitalitenb.ca/en/points-service/tracadie-hospital