The foundations of the hospitals in the Chaleur region, on the Acadian Peninsula, in the Restigouche region, and in Grand Falls, Saint-Quentin and Sainte-Anne-de-Kent, jointly with UNI Coopération financière, are proud to announce that the Northern Star raised a record amount of $104,310. All the funds raised during the activity will go to the foundations so they can meet the needs of their respective facilities. “On behalf of everyone who will benefit from the various enhancements to our hospitals, I wish to thank you for your participation and to assure you that your donations will make a real difference for health care in our regions,” explained Dre. Christine Duclos, Co-Chair of the Northern Star for the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation.

For just over two months, people were invited to get mini-Christmas trees available from UNI and various businesses. Once again this year, the Northern Star was a great success; we were able to see each of our communities rally behind the cause. “Every year, UNI is proud to be associated with this cause that brings many communities together toward a single goal, namely providing people with the best possible health care. Remember that the donation you make is essential to maintaining the quality of health care in our respective regions,” stated Hermel Chiasson, Community Director for UNI.

The Northern Star is up to its fifteenth annual event and has raised over $1 million since its beginnings. The money collected improves health care in our participating regions. A donation to the Northern Star, a gesture that is essential to the quality of life of our local people affected by the disease.